Duane Bartels District Manager
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Brad Johnson VSP Staff
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Lance Frederick District Staff
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Pam Kimble District Secretary
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Pomeroy Grain Growers Building

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 Additional Information and Assistance for Producers:

Producers are encouraged to consider whether one or more practice fit within their operations to protect and/or restore critical areas within Garfield County while maintaining the long-term viability of farming and ranching.  VSP Work Plan and Checklist information, technical assistance and potential cost-share is available from the following list:

Washington State Conservation Commission:  Website:

Garfield County:  Website:

Garfield VSP Coordinator/Technical Assistance Providers:

Pomeroy Conservation District:  Website: 

Garfield County Cattlemen’s Association:  State Wide Website:  http:///

Garfield County Wheat Growers Association:  State Wide Website: 

Pomeroy Grain Growers:  Website:

Nez Perce Tribe Watershed Division:  Website: 

Snake River Salmon Recovery Board:  Website:   

Washington State Department of Ag:  Website:

Washington State Farm Bureau:  Website:

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service:  Website:

Garfield County Farm Service Agency: Website:  

Washington State University Extension:  Website: