Duane Bartels is the district manager and grader operator.  He and his wife Myrna have 2 grown children and 6 grandchildren. He has been with the district since 1989 and was a past supervisor of 10 years.  He was born and raised in the county, knows all the farmers and ranchers and is aware of  the problems associated with dryland agriculture and livestock production. Duane writes the grants to assist the farmers and ranchers in dealing with soil erosion, water quality, and salmon habitat. He administers all the district programs and also operates the district grader when terrace, waterway, and road work needs to be done.


Lance Frederick is our CREP Coordinator and has assisted Duane since March of 2017.  Lance was born and raised in Pomeroy and has great knowledge of the County.  His duties consist of riparian habitat along with working with NRCS and FSA.  He has also contributed his time on working with in-stream habitat constructing beaver dam analogs post assisted log structures and bank stabilization.  As VSP goes forward he will assist with implementation and outreach to local landowner’s.


Brad Johnson has a BS in Biology from Dickinson State University in ND.  His first job in the northwest was in the Fisheries Department at the University of Idaho, where he worked with Masters and PhD students.  In 1996, he was hired by the Asotin County Conservation District where he held various positions leading the administration and implementation of habitat restoration projects for salmonid species listed on the Endangered Species Act.  In 2006, Brad was hired by the Asotin County Public Utility District as the WRIA 35 Watershed Director, where he worked with County Commissioners in four counties, landowners, technical agencies, two tribal governments and citizens to complete the Middle Snake Watershed Plan.  He works for the Palouse Conservation District and also devotes his time to the Pomeroy Conservation District.


Pamela Kimble has assumed the duties of office clerical assistant and will assist the district with office management and clerical work. Pam also manages and operate’s the district soil lab. She was born and raised in Garfield County and has lived and worked here for most of her life.  She is the wife of P. Ernest Kimble and has three grown children.

Garfield County VSP Workgroup:

  • Justin Dixon (County Commissioner):
  • Bryan Mckeirnan (Pomeroy CD):
  • Ernie Kimble (Wheat Grower):
  • Sam Ledgerwood (Cattleman):
  • Seth Claassen (Landowner/Operator:
  • Jim Mckeirnan (Weed Board):
  • Mike Cassetto (City of Pomeroy):
  • Del Groat (Citizen Member):

Work Group Advisory Members:

  • John Stuhmiller, (WSFB)
  • Evan Sheffels, (WSFB)
  • Tom Schirm, (WDFW)
  • Mitch Daniels, (NPT)
  • Duane Bartels, (Pomeroy CD)
  • Bradley Johnson, (Palouse CD)
  • Lance Frederick, (Pomeroy CD)
  • Kelly McClain, (WSDA)